Being a introvert is like being Robert Downey Jr. in your head


and Castiel in real life


how did you manage to sum it up so easily

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Just watched the new yoplait vs chobanni (however you spell it) yogurt commercial and can I say YES?! 

Before yogurt was JUST advertised to women. Which usually doesn’t get me fired up, because most companies that advertise are 99% male, but how you can put a gender on food is BEYOND me. But this commercial had a good number of men in it and diversity with people of different races. 

Thank you Yoplait for this small step. It was nice. Everyone was exhibited too. And they weren’t just paid actors or super models. 


Horse: *Jumps out of pasture and doesn’t make it, breaks wooden fence, gallops around like a maniac for an hour, trips and falls* *trots out sound*

Horse: *in stall, wrapped in bubble wrap* *Breaks leg*

That’s always how it is. If you baby your horse with stalling (unless it’s for injury), then they’re more prone to injuries versus the horse who lives outside and only goes in a stall for showing/other small periods of time. 

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I’m not sure how many of you guys are aware of this disease “outbreak”, but there have been multiple cases of Vesicular Stomatitis reported and confirmed in 8 Texas counties. Please be aware of the symptoms and call a vet if you think your horse is displaying the signs.

The sores clear up in two to three weeks, and while they can be painful it doesn’t look like they’ll kill your horse. This disease is EXTREMELY CONTAGIOUS though, so it’s important to report a case because your horse will have to be quarantined if it is diagnosed with VS. Please be aware, and keep your ponies safe!

Reblog this please, I know there are lots of Texas owners out there!

(I believe there is also one diagnosed case in Colorado as well.)

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